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WXZRC-10A/20A Transformer Winding Resistance Testing Equipment

  • Output current: <5mA ,1A,2.5A,5A ,10A,20A

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I.  Transformer Winding Resistance meter  Introductio

The DC resistance is the transformer’s semi-finished product, finished product test, installation, commissioning test, and electric part prevention test necessary test project,the transformer coil can effectively find the device welding, connecting parts loose, missing unit, disconnection, and other manufacturing default and other hidden danger occurred after operation.

The DC Resistance transformer to meet fast measurement requirement, we developed WXZRC-20A DC Resistance Tester. The instrument is a new powerful technology, small size, light weight, high output current and other characteristics.

The device is controlled by the microcontroller, with a high degree of automation, automatic discharge functions. It is a test instrument of high precision, simple, direct way to achieve fast transformer measurement.

IV.  Transformer Winding Resistance meter Technical Data

1. Output current:<5mA ,1A,2.5A,5A ,10A,20A

2. Resolution:0.1μΩ

3. Range:   100μΩ~1Ω      (20A)

                   500μΩ~2Ω      (10A)

1mΩ~4Ω         (5A)

                             2mΩ~8Ω        (2.5A)

                             5mΩ~20Ω         (1A)

                            10Ω~20KΩ       (<5mA)

4. Accuracy:±(0.2%+2 Readings) 

5. Operating temperature:0~40

6. Ambient humidity:≤90%RH,(non condensed)

7. size:400mm*225mm*350mm.

8. Instrument weight :13kg, wiring case:5kg.

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