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WXZRC-5A Windings DC Resistance Tester micro-ohm meter

  • Output current:<5mA,40mA,200mA,1A,5A
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I.  DC digital bridge resistance tester alibaba sign in suppliers Functional characteristics

1 , the whole machine is controlled by high speed single chip microcomputer. It has high automation and easy operation.

2 , the instrument adopts new power supply technology, the current gear is many, the measuring range is wide, and it can be chosen automatically according to the load
Selective current is suitable for measuring DC resistance of medium and small transformers and voltage transformers.

3 , the protection function is perfect, it can reliably protect the instrument against the impact of back EMF, and the performance is more reliable.

4, with sound discharge alarm, discharge instructions clear, reduce misoperation.

5 , fast response, in the measurement state, directly switch on load tap changer, the instrument automatically refresh data.

6 , intelligent power management technology, the instrument always works in the minimum power state, effectively reducing the heating inside the instrument and saving energy.

7, 320X240 dot matrix ultra small pixel 65K true color liquid crystal,

8, the instrument comes with calendar, clock and power down storage, can store 1000 sets of test data, you can check at any time

9, the instrument is equipped with micro printer, RS232 and USB interface, and computer communication, as well as U disk storage

I.  DC digital bridge resistance tester alibaba sign in suppliers Technical Data

1. Output current:<5mA ,1A,2.5A,5A 

2. Resolution:0.1μΩ

3. Range:  

1, 100Ω-20KΩ   (<5mA)

                 1Ω-250Ω     (40mA)

                    100mΩ-50Ω    (200mA)

                     5mΩ-10Ω (1A)

                     1mΩ-2Ω (5A)

4. Accuracy:±(0.2%+2 Readings) 

5. Operating temperature:0~40

6. Ambient humidity:≤90%RH,(non condensed)

7. size:400mm*200mm*280mm

8. Instrument weight :11kg(about Test line)

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