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WXPQ-300G Three Phase on Site Energy Calibrator Meter

  • 100A, 500A and 1000A clamp meters are optional

    Working power supply is AC57 ~ 450V

    Store 10000 groups of energy meters

    U disk storage is supported

    High resolution TFT color LCD screen display

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 WXPQ-300G Three Phase on Site Energy Calibrator Meter 


 The handheld three-phase energy meter filed calibrator is a product integrated with low-voltage energy meter calibrator and low-voltage metering device calibrator. It can not only measure high-voltage energy meter and wiring, but also measurement the integrated error of low-voltage measuring device, as well as TA transformation ratio, TV and TA secondary load. This instrument is equivalent to several instruments. 

1) A high brightness, high definition and high resolution TFT color LCD screen shows clearly and beautifully, with large infomation content and the screen shows all the parameters measured on the site.
2) Single and three phase voltage, current, power, phase, active & reactive power factor, frequency and other parameters can in real time measured.
3) The energy meter and terminal errors can be calibrated. And single and three phase electronic induction active and reactive energy meters can be inspected.
4) The pulse input modes include manual input, photoelectric input and electric pulse input three ways.
5) 100A, 500A and 1000A clamp meters are optional, and the transformation ratio of low voltage current transformer is directly measured; it is easy to find the open circuit and poor contact in the CT secondary circuit, internal turn-to-turn short circuit of CT and whether the transformation ratio on the CT nameplate is consistent with the actual transformation ratio of CT.
6) It can measure the content of the 2nd ~ 51st harmonics of single and three phase voltage and current.
7) The waveforms of A, B and C-phase voltage and current can be measured.
8) A wide range of working power supply is AC57 ~ 450V; the test line, adapter and battery power supply can be chosen respectively, and online charging is available.
9) With a large capacity memory card, it can store field calibration data of more than 10000 groups of energy meters, and U disk storage is supported; such data can be permanently saved upon non-human deletion.
10) The ground software system can connect with the marketing system, with a friendly interface, easy operation, complete functions and easy to upgrade; the test data cannot be changed, and the software has the functions such as statistics, query, and printing; the test report format can be set according to the requirements of users.
11) Read the record data of multi-function electronic energy meter including the reading data, pressure loss records and clock.
12) The calibrator has the function of clamp transformer self-correction and can not need to be returned to factory for calibration after replacing the clamp meter.


Voltage Range AC 40-440V
Current Range
(double overload)
Terminal Input 5A   1A
Clamp meter input 5A  20A  100A  500A  1000A  1500A
Grade 5A Terminal, 1A Terminal 0.05
5A clamp(with the function of self-correction),  20A clamp 0.2
100A   500A   1000A 0.5
Power Pulse Constant 5A Terminal, 1A Terminal, 20A clamp FL=36000 P/KWh
5A clamp, 100A clamp, 500A clamp, 1000A clamp
Frequency 45-65Hz
Phase Measurement Range -180~ +180 ºC
Transformation Ratio of Transformer <±0.5%
Voltage Influence <±0.01%
Frequency Influence <±0.01%(45 - 65Hz)
Temperature Influence <±5ppm/ºC
24h Deviation (0.1) < ±0.02%(0.05) < ±0.01%

Basic Error U.I Harmonic Measurement
Terminal Input Measuring Range 2nd-51st Harmonics
Active Power ±0.1%  ±0.05% Accuracy of Measurement ±0.01%(Relative to 100% fundamental wave)
Reactive Power ±0.1% Other Technical Indicators
Power ±0.1%  ±0.05% Switching power supply AC57.7 ~ 440V (45~65Hz)
Voltage ±0.1%  ±0.05% Power Consumption About 6VA
Current ±0.1%  ±0.05% Environment Temperature -20ºC ~ +40ºC (Guaranteed Accuracy)
Frequency ±0.05Hz Relative Humidity 40%~ 95% No Condensation
Phase ±0.1%ºC  ±0.05%ºC Warm-up time <3min
Weight 1.8KG Overall Dimensions L249 * W154 * H58mm
1.When can I get the price?
We usually quote within 6 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.
2. What about the leading time for production?
Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the product. Usually our leading time is within 7 working days after order confirmed.
3. What is your payment terms?
We accept EXW,FOB, CFR, CIF, ect. You can choose the one which is the most convenient and cost effective for you.
4. How much will be the Shipping cost and time?
This will depend on the size of your goods and the method of shipping (by sea/ by air/by Express) and your designated port or airport. We will be grateful if you can spare us some minutes to evaluate the cost based on the information provided.
5. Could you please tell me the Warranty Period of your product?
Our warranty period is one year free and lifelong maintenance. If the product is damaged (if not man-made damage), in the first year,we will send free parts for replacement. Over warranty, maintenance is paid service.
6. What kind of Certificate can you provide?
We can provide the CE mark, ISO 9001 quality certificate, third party calibration certificate(CNAS) and factory test report.
7. Do you have Technical Backup to all customers from different countries?
To be sure,our technical support is always available and quick response.
We are manufacturer with much on-site testing experience, thus we know how to deal with your problems. Moreover, our engineers can go to your country to support if need.

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